Hotels & Hospitality

As an employer in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry, your duties are to:

  • Prepare a statement of safety policy for your organisation and arrangements for achieving the policy (written if you employ five or more people)
  • Consult employees through safety representatives if your workplace is unionised, or employee representatives or directly if it is not unionised
  • Appoint someone competent to assist you with health and safety
  • Assess which workplace risks are significant
  • Make effective arrangements to control these
  • Carry out health surveillance where appropriate (in catering, for dermatitis or musculoskeletal risks if present)
  • Set up emergency procedures including those for temporary workers (in catering these are only likely to be for fire and gas leaks)
  • Inform and train employees on the risks present and the arrangements in place to control them
  • Co-ordinate procedures and work safely with others (for catering these are likely to be landlords, maintenance staff and catering engineers).

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