Food Safety

Food Business Operators are obliged by law to put in place, implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System based on the 7 HACCP principles – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plan. Safety Matters can help you design, implement and maintain a HACCP system specific to your food business.  We can train staff at all levels so as to ensure the HACCP plan is implemented, working well and being verified by your staff.

Bespoke HACCP manual

We can develop a bespoke user-friendly HACCP Manual which will cover all the necessary documentation and record keeping required.  This HACCP Manual will be developed to ensure that your business is compliant to the relevant legislation, whether that is Regulation EC No. 852/2004 or EC 853/2004.  We have developed HACCP Manuals for a wide variety of food businesses, from small deli retail business to larger food production companies. This manual will also act as a point of reference for all employees, helping to implement an effective food safety system & create awareness of potential/existing food safety issues & responsibilities. We can also update or review an existing food safety management system to ensure compliance. The initial steps to implementing your HACCP Plan is to carry out a food safety Audit,

Food Safety Audits will provide:

  • Provide an independent evaluation on the effectiveness of your food safety management system.
  • They identify gaps, and recommend the appropriate action that is required to ensure compliance.
  • Provide businesses with the input of a qualified and experienced food safety professional, who can advise them on best practice.
  • Identify and eliminate risk, both to your customers and your business by proactively managing food safety issues.

During our audit we conduct a detailed inspection of:

  • Staff Facilities and Personal Hygiene
  • Hygiene System Management & Documentation
  • Structural Hygiene
  • Operational Hygiene
  • Food Storage & Protection.
  • Designing/Updating HACCP Plans

The following documents will be compiled by our food safety consultants following our audit inspection:

  • Premises Specific Pre Qualification Questionnaire Form
  • HACCP plan
  • Hazard analysis
  • Critical Control Point identification
  • Determine Critical Limits
  • Control Measures/ Monitoring Procedures
  • Corrective Actions
  • Validation and Verification Procedures
  • Standard operating procedures/Work instructions for the Food Business.