Risk Assessments

Section 19 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 requires every employer to identify hazards in the workplace.  As well as assessing the risk from these hazards and have a written risk assessment of the risks as they apply to persons exposed to them in the workplace.

Workplace risk assessments, and organisation’s safety statement, are minimum requirements for legislative compliance for any company in Ireland today.  They must be carried out, in other words.

Under current legislation the maximum fine for a Health and Safety related offence is €3000 on summary conviction.   Up to €3,000,000 or 2 years imprisonment on indictment.   Effective workplace health and safety management is widely recognised. It actually contributes to business success, as result. Whereas accidents and ill health have costs, both often hidden and underestimated.

There are many types of risk assessments from general workplace assessments and task risk assessment. Safety Matters staff are trained and qualified to carry out through inspections in several specialist areas such as ergonomics, chemical agents, fire, machinery, confined space and ATEX. Safety Matters Consultancy have the specialist personnel to undertake this work for you.

Risk assessments are conducted in conjunction and consultation with client representatives.   This is to ensure the quality and validity of the risk assessment as well as raising health and safety awareness with the client’s personnel.   Safety Matters Consultancy can provide risk assessments systems, formats and templates for client use.   They can also develop training programmes that include training on the specific risk assessment methodologies adopted and utilised by the client, for instance.   Public and in company training programmes can be developed.   As well as delivered to meet the client’s requirements.