Manual & People Moving & Handling Training

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Overview of Course

On this course you will review and understand the following people handling techniques:

  • The Legislation in Ireland governing Health and Safety & Safe Manual Handling techniques.
  • Explain the duties of the employer
  • Explain the duties of the employees in relation to Health and Safety at Work.
  • Explain how pregnancy affects the ability to handle loads.
  • Anatomy of the Spine and safe handling techniques.
  • Understand the Consequences of poor manual handling in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate Correct Lifting and moving techniques in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate correct people moving & handling techniques in the workplace.
  • Lifting From a Chair
  • Assist from a chair.
  • Walk assist.
  • How to limit the fall of a person.
  • Person transfer using banana board.
  • Wheelchair to chair,
  • Bed to wheelchair,
  • How to park a wheelchair.
  • Person transfer from bed to wheelchair using sling and hoist.
  • Person transfer from floor to bed using sling and hoist.
  • Person sit up in bed.
  • Move person in bed using slide sheets.
  • Coach a fallen person.


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