World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023…

World Day for Safety and Health at Work will be commemorated on 28 April 2023

A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right at work.  All workplaces should be audited regularly and corrective actions put in place promptly where hazards or dangerous environments exist.

Health and safety laws apply to all employers, self-employed people and employees in their workplaces. This includes fixed-term employees and temporary employees.

There is a duty of care on both employers and employees to keep workplaces safe and report any dangers or hazards which may arise or become known.

Duties of the employer include,

  • Provide a safe Place to work (machinery and equipment
  • Provide safe access and egress at the workplace
  • Provision of training and instruction
  • Appoint a competent person as the organisation’s safety officer/ Safety Rep
  • Prevent risks from employees using any article or substance, and from exposure to physical agents, noise and vibration
  • Provide PPE

Duties of the employee include,

  • Taking reasonable care to protect the health and safety of yourself and other people in the workplace
  • Not engaging in improper conduct / behaviour that will endanger yourself or others
  • Not being under the influence of drink or drugs in the workplace
  • Undergoing any reasonable medical assessment (or other assessment) if requested by your employer
  • Reporting any defects (faults) in equipment or the workplace which might be a danger to health and safety


Laws on health and safety at work

The rights and obligations of both employers and employees in relation to health and safety at work are set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (as amended). This Act also provides for substantial fines and penalties for any breaches of the health and safety laws.

Many of the specific health and safety laws are set out in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007- 2020. Find details on these regulations on the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) website

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