Support Bubble Breakdown

What a support bubble is

To support those who risk isolation, a ‘social bubble’ will apply for the duration of Level 5. In certain situations , you can form a bubble with 1 other household (of any size).

You can then act as one extended household.

You must still keep social distance from people outside your support bubble.


Who can form a support bubble

You can form a support bubble with another household in any of the following situations:

  • if you are living alone with children under the age of 18
  • if you live alone and have mental health challenges
  • if you share parenting or custody arrangements
  • if you live with a partner who has dementia (needs full-time care)
  • if you live by yourself and have a carer or carers who support you


How to form your support bubble

Support bubbles are designed to help you if you live on your own. You can only form a support bubble with one other household if they are not already part of a support bubble.

Wherever possible, you should choose a household in your locality to form your support bubble, but it can be outside the 5km limit.

The reason for this to prevent the spread of COVID-19 between areas that might have lots of cases and ones that have low numbers of cases.


What to do if someone in your support bubble develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive

If anyone in your support bubble develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, follow the stay at home guidance.

This helps control the virus as it stops the virus from spreading across multiple households.

If you or someone in your support bubble is contacted by the HSE or your local Department of Public Health, you should follow their guidance

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