Outbreaks occurring in workplaces and at social gatherings – HSE

More than 100 Covid outbreaks are occurring each week, most of which are happening at social gatherings and in workplaces, the National Lead for Testing and Tracing at the HSE has said.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Philip Boucher Hayes, Niamh O’Beirne said there are an increasing number of outbreaks in these settings with people returning to the office.

Transport to and from work is also a challenge, she said.

There is anecdotal evidence of people going to work with symptoms and “that’s a challenge both for those vaccinated and unvaccinated”, Ms O’Beirne said, and reminded those not to attend work if they are symptomatic.

She said while the office space itself may be quite safe, transmission tends to occur during breaks, such as coffee and lunch breaks, as well as travelling to and from work. Car-sharing can tend to be more crowded, she added.

The importance of ventilation in a work space cannot be over-stated, as well as mask wearing as people move around the office, she said.


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