QQI (FETAC) Level 6 – Conducting Food Standards Auditing

This programme is designed to enable learners to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to develop and conduct food standards audits based on quality management systems.  To evaluate the findings of an audit to drive improvements in standards.  Learners will be able to develop supporting documentation to verify and validate the operational processes and practices in the work environment.

This course provides learners with expertise in the area of food safety auditing and verification.

Objectives of the programme

  • Describe international and national standards for food standards auditing and quality management systems
  • Understanding the importance of an effective auditing system and the importance of auditing a food safety management/HACCP system and the role and responsibilities of the auditor in conducting an effective audit to drive improvements in standards
  • Understand food specific auditing requirements
  • Understand the different types of audits and how to prepare a company for such audits
  • Be able to demonstrate the procedures for planning and preparing for a food standards audit
  • Be able to carry out audit follow-up procedures and corrective and preventative actions
  • Be familiar with BRC Technical Standard Issue 7, ISO 22000 and other relevant Irish Standards (IS340:2007 and IS341 :2007)
  • Design and conduct an internal audit programme
  • Conduct a food standards audit report using appropriate documentation, collating and analysing evidence and findings and identifying corrective and preventative actions

Timing & Duration

50 hours duration:

  • 20 hours by the tutor,
  • 18 hours assigned to the project with the remaining
  • 12 hours for learner-based research

This is completed over 3 days in total:

2 days of learning with day 3 given to revision in the morning and exam in the afternoon.

Minimum Requirements for this course

All attendees must have achieved:

  • A minimum of Level 3 HACCP Management Training to meet the minimum requirements for this course.
  • Exam and Project – Written exam which lasts 2 hours + project which is to be returned to the tutor within 4 weeks of the final day of the programme.   Written exam is worth 50% and the project is worth 50°/c>.
  • The course is ideally suited to food safety managers, auditors and HACCP professionals