People Handling Training Course

This is a detailed people handling training course designed for all personnel who work within the Healthcare sector and whose duties involve adjusting and moving individuals.  This People Handling Training course contains definitions on manual handling, the types of injuries received due to incorrect practice and basic anatomy of the spine and muscles within the body.  Factors which contribute to safer handling and good base movement are also covered.  The course includes using hoists and slings, discussing their uses, limitations and the correct ways in which to apply them.


This course is designed to give participants the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to safely and correctly move people.

Who should attend:

All personnel who are required to carry out people handling.

Course Content:

  • Legal requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Body Mechanics
  • Mechanisms of Injury
  • Principles of good lifting
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Understanding the needs of the person
  • Using a Sling
  • Using a Hoist
  • Use of Sliding Sheets
  • Use of a Banana Board
  • Pushing a Wheelchair Correctly
  • Assisting a person up from the floor
  • Questions & Answers


On successful completion of this course a Safety Matters Certificate will be issued.