Seachtain na Gaeilge From the 01st to the 17th March 2023

The biggest Irish language festival in Ireland and the world. 


Seachtain na Gaeilge  is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that takes place each year in Ireland and in many other countries.


Increased job opportunities


Many people underestimate the job opportunities that come from having knowledge of Irish. Fluency in any second language is an asset in the workplace and increasingly sought-after by employers. With a growing demand for bilingual or multilingual workers, learning Irish can open up more job opportunities!


Strengthened culture and identity


Learning the Irish language gives you a greater appreciation of the culture and identity of Ireland. It’s not just learning grammar and vocabulary; it’s also an important way to connect with Irish heritage, which has survived through centuries of turmoil and change. It’s a beautiful language that tells stories, connects people, and binds cultures together.


Improved reading, writing, and speaking skills


Learning the Irish language will enhance your reading, writing, and speaking skills. You’ll be able to read classic Irish literature, transcribe traditional stories, and construct well-crafted sentences. You’ll also increase your communication skills in both the spoken and written word as you become more comfortable with conversational Irish.

Deeper understanding of Irish history and culture


By learning Irish, you’ll experience deeper insights into the Irish culture by enjoying iconic words and phrases from traditional songs, stories, and poems. You’ll also be able to understand place names, sayings and expressions, as well as local histories told in Irish that often don’t get taught in school.


Expanded appreciation for the language in music, theatre, poetry, and more


Learning Irish gives a fuller appreciation for the language in art, music and literature. Many of Ireland’s beloved bands have their lyrics in Irish or mix the two languages together, giving those who understand both an incredible experience. By learning Irish during Seachtain na Gaeilge, you can be immersed in this fantastic tradition and cultural expression.