Christmas Light Safety Tips

Lights are an important part of the christmas season, but they also pose a risk if not properly installed or maintained. Read on to learn more about these tips!

Know where your power source is located:

It’s easy to forget where the power source is located. Make sure you know where the switch is before you plug anything into the wall.

Inspect your wiring before using it:

Before you use any type of lighting, make sure you inspect the wiring. You should do this even if you think everything looks fine. Look at the wires themselves, as well as the connections between them. Check the color coding and make sure there aren’t any loose connections.

Be careful when working with electrical cords:

Electrical cords are dangerous because they carry electricity. If you touch one while wearing rubber gloves, you could receive a shock. Always wear protective clothing when working near electrical cords.

Don’t use extension cords:

Extension cords are convenient, but they should never be used as permanent wiring solutions. They are designed to provide temporary power to devices that need it

Turn off the circuit breaker before installing new bulbs:

If you plan to use extension cords to power Christmas lights, turn off the circuit breaker first. This will prevent any accidental electrical shock.

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