Treating a Heart Attack During COVID 19

Casualty with Cardiac Chest Pain

  • If the patient is responsive, perform screening questions and tell them what to do
  • Tell the casualty to Sit in the W position and rest
  • Ask screening questions in relation to safe administration of Aspirin, keep at a distance and when administering aspirin, put on Correct PPE and give the casualty the dissolved disprin medication ask the four important questions before administering the disprin
    1. Are you allergic to aspirin?
    2. Do you have a stomach ulcer?
    3. Do you have a bleeding disorder hemophilia
    4. Are you over 16 years of age

Ensure the disprin (300mg) is dissolved fully prior to administration. When administering to the patient, ensure you are wearing the correct PPE as you will be coming in close contact:

  • Plastic Apron
  • Visor/Goggles
  • Surgical/FFP2 Mask
  • Gloves

Ensure Accident reporting is completed with time, date, intervention and dose recorded and signed by the first responder.