Importance of Audits

Internal Safety Audits

  • The PSCS can carry out safety audits internally.
  • They may get help from a Safety Representative.
  • It is important audits are carried out regularly, to see what conditions are like.
  • Check for housekeeping, documents & paperwork being filled out properly, working conditions, welfare facilities.
  • Audits should be carried out to a standard, in line with legislation and codes of practices.
  • Ensure meeting regulations.


External Safety Audits

  • Ideally a Safety Advisor or a Safety Officer will conduct an independent audit on the site once a month.
  • The PSCS will accompany the Safety Advisor/Officer during the audit.
  • A full report will be provided to the PSCS.
  • It is not trying to find fault, rather make the site safer.


The importance of Audits

The objectives of a safety audit is to:

  • maintain a safe place of work through hazard recognition and removal
  • to verify employees are following the most effective safety procedures, to make certain the facility, equipment, and operations meet the legislative health and safety requirements and best industry business practices to produce a safe place of work
  • to assure that necessary administrative records supporting the required health, safety, and medical activities are maintained
  • to guide/outline the safety meetings – all discussed topics must be saved in the safety file