Hand Washing

Correct Hand Washing Technique

  • Turn on the tap – you should have hot and cold running water
  • Wet your hands
  • Pump out soap and make a sufficient lather on your hands
  • Rub palm to palm
  • Then interlace your fingers – right hand over left hand and then left hand over right hand
  • Concentrate on the parts of the hand that carry most bacteria i.e. the finger tips, the fingernails
  • Concentrate on the thumbs and around the wrist
  • Ensure you cover the whole hand with a good lather from the soap
  • It should take at least 20 seconds to wash your hands properly
  • Rinse off your hands
  • Use a disposable towel to dry your hands properly
  • Remember drying your hands is just as important washing with soap and water
  • When finished put the disposable paper towel in the push pedal operated bin


Download the Safety Matters Hand Washing Technique Poster here