Hand Sanitising

Sanitising Hands

  • It is important to remember that you must wash your hands using the proper technique frequently and use hand sanitiser in-between as secondary protocol
  • There may be times where there is no handwashing facilities available, and you will need to use hand sanitiser



  • Pump the sanitiser on to your hand
  • Rub palm to palm
  • Then interlace your fingers – right hand over left hand and then left hand over right hand
  • Concentrate on the parts of the hand that cover most bacteria i.e. the fingertips, the fingernails and in-between the fingers
  • Concentrate on the thumbs on both hands and also on the wrist
  • Ensure all areas of the hands are covered
  • Do not attempt to dry your hands off with paper towel or tissue – Let them dry naturally


Download the Safety Matters Hand Sanitising Poster here