Donning and Doffing PPE

As a First Aid Responder you will need the following PPE

  • Plastic Apron
  • Visor/Goggles
  • Mask
  • Gloves


Before Putting on PPE

  1.  Wash and Sanitise your hands correctly.
  2. Start with the plastic apron and sanitise your hands
  3. Put on the Mask – sanitise your hands
  4. Put on Visor or goggles again
  5. Wash/sanitise your hands and
  6. Put on Gloves.

When removing PPE

  1. Start with the gloves following the correct procedure and sanitise your hands.
  2. Next it’s the plastic apron untie and the back and pull from the neck strap being careful not to touch the outside of the apron place in the bin and sanitise your hands.
  3. Next is the visor or goggles again sanitise your hands
  4. Remove the masks from the ear loops again being careful not to touch the outside of the mask.
  5. Place all used PPE in a push pedal operated bin which is double bagged and