Treating a COVID-19 Casualty in Close Contact

Workplace Incidents


Presentations that require an intervention and/or follow up care where COVID 19 is not identified through screening.

Many of these presentations will require direct contact with the patient inside the social distance requirement. Appropriate PPE is therefore required. This includes gloves, fluid resistant apron, surgical facemask and eye protection. Follow FAR CPGs after donning PPE.


 A COVID 19 suspected presentation.

To minimise droplet infection, patients who are screened as COVID 19 positive should be offered a surgical facemask and requested to don it. These patients may or may not require a direct clinical intervention therefore they should be cared for under two protocols;

  1.  No direct contact required and social distancing maintained between patient and first aider. Provide self help under direction from the first aider. Facemask is required. Follow FAR CPGs when advising care provision.
  2.  Direct contact required.
    PPE is mandatory which includes gloves, surgical facemask, fluid repellent long sleeved gown and eye protection. Follow FAR CPGs after donning PPE.


First Aid Care in the Workplace

First aid care in the workplace may have one of five outcomes;

  •  Return to the workplace, no follow up care required.
  •  Advise GP follow up.
  •  Advise occupational health follow up.
  •  Advise Emergency Department follow up.
  •  Call 112 for an emergency ambulance.