Lone Working Risk Assessment Copy

Lone Working Risk Assessment

Hazard:   Human Factor Hazard


    • Unexpected illness
    • Accident or emergency
    • Inadequate provision of first aid
    • Rest/Fatigue e.g. while driving
    • Lack of hygiene facilities
    • Violence and aggression
    • Anxiety and stress


Rating:  High

Likelihood: 3

Severity: 4

Control Measures: 

    • Communication with headquarters and yourself e.g. paging systems etc.
    • Controlled periodic checks
    • Movement alarms
    • Instruction/ Mobile phones
    • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) should be outlined
    • Appropriate PPE
    • Secure place of work e.g locked doors, sensor lights
    • Monitoring & reporting to HQ
    • Incident Reporting
    • Health Surveillance – fit for job
    • Adequate training
    • Provide counselling if necessary