Electric Shock

Electric Shock

An electric shock happens when an electric current passes through your body. This can burn both internal and external tissue and cause organ damage.

A child who has received an electric shock should be seen by a doctor because shock may cause internal damage that can’t be detected without a medical examination.

Treatment of Low Voltage Incident

  • Call 112/999
  •  Do not touch patient until source isolated
  • Real danger to rescuer if patient still in contact with live source
  •  Scene safety – turn off power
  •  Reassure patient
  • Treat burns
  • Seek Medical attention always for a child
  •  If in cardiac arrest start CPR


Treatment of High Voltage Incident

  • Stay at least 18 metres away from the patient
  •  Call 999/112 for an ambulance and 1850 372 999 for ESB Networks
  •  Ensure bystanders also stand at a safe distance from the patient
  •  Do not approach the patient until the Electricity Supply has been turned off
  •  Ensure the patient is disconnected from the electrical source
  •  Carry out a primary survey
  • Start CPR if necessary
  • Treat burns (entry and exit)
  • Water can be used on electrical burns