Covid-19 Guidelines

Updated Guidelines

2021 initiated the introduction of vaccines in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.  Although vaccines are now being administered, Covid-19 guidelines must still be maintained; i.e.

  • Practice physical and social distancing.
  • Work from home where possible.
  • Wear face coverings correctly.
  • Wash hands frequently and correctly.


How to Wear a Mask Correctly

  • Make sure it is fitted tightly.
  • Ensure masks covers both nose and mouth.
  • Change your mask frequently and make sure you have a supply of clean masks.
  • Have a zip-lock bag to store used or soiled re-usable masks.
  • Dispose of disposable masks appropriately.

Download the Safety Matters Face Coverings Poster here


Correct Hand Washing Technique

  • Wash hands frequently in the correct manner (minimum 20 seconds) and dry the properly with disposable towels.
  • Use hand sanitiser for 20 seconds.

Download the Safety Matters Correct Handwashing Technique Poster here


Remember always follow the current Government restrictions.