Covid-19 First Aid Provisions

COVID-19 First Aid Provisions

There has been a change outlined by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and also the Irish Heart Foundation.


First Aid Scenarios

Minor Injuries

Screening Questions
  • Asking them if they are showing any signs or symptoms of Covid-19
  • Have they been in contact with a confirmed case
  • Temperature check
  • Self help may be required where you guide the casualty
  • Always follow Covid-19 Guidelines


Major Injuries – Direct Contact is Needed

  • Don protective clothing and equipment
  • Casualty will also need to wear relevant PPE : mask (recommended FFP2 mask), gloves and gown
  • Wash your hands
  • If possible have casualty wash hands also


Cardiac Arrest

  • Compression only CPR
  • Do not put your face near theirs to check for breathing, use other signals
  • Always treat the casualty as if they were a suspected case
  • Cover the nose and the mouth
  • Perform compression only CPR
  • It is safe to use an AED


New First Aid Guidelines

  • Talk casualty through procedure of first aid guidelines
  • If contact is needed, wear the correct PPE
  • Follow good hand washing technique
  • Give PPE to the casualty if needed
  • Correctly remove/dispose of used PPE
  • Compression only CPR
  • Always wash your hands afterwards