Covi-19 booster vaccination programme set to start ‘in the coming days’

The Health Service Executive has said it is finalising plans to begin the second booster vaccination programme for Covid-19, as recommended recently by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee.

It said it expects the programme to begin very soon, “in the coming days.”

The HSE said that there are no issues in relation to the roll out and that the necessary clinical guidance, training and education materials, IT updates and communications materials are being put in place.

Earlier this month, NIAC recommended a second booster (a fourth dose) for everyone over 65 years, to be given generally six months after the last vaccination.

It also recommended a second booster for everyone aged 12 years and older who has a weak immune system,

For children aged 5-11 years, they are to be offered a third dose to complete their vaccination schedule.

NIAC is currently looking at what it should recommend in terms of a second booster for other groups.