Call for Govt to ease Covid isolation rules to allow staff return to work sooner

There have been fresh calls for the Government to ease Covid isolation rules to allow staff to return to work sooner.

It comes as workplaces are hit with a wave of Covid-related absences forcing some businesses to shut or curtail services.

The Government has asked the Chief Medical Officer to review the seven-day isolation period to see if it should be reduced. He is expected to report back in the coming weeks.

Workplaces across the country are reporting a rise of Covid-related absences.

“There is certainly a lot of worry about the level of absences that businesses are experiencing,” said Mary Connaughton, the Director of CIPD Ireland, the professional body for the Human Resources sector.

“Companies are trying to marshal the resources they need to be able to stay open but it is particularly hitting frontline operation in areas like caring, customer service and production,” she added.