How to stay safe in 30C heat

With a high temperature advisory in place for Ireland for next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it looks like we will be dealing with what could potentially be up to 30 degrees Celsius or higher.


Getting enough water into the system is one of the best ways to deal with rising temperatures. Most adults need around 2 litres of liquids each day but that can vary.

Avoiding sunburn

Heatwaves not only bring high temperatures but can also mean a rise in the UV index. That can result in sunburn which can not only be uncomfortable but can also be hazardous.

Keeping your home cool

“The best way to do this is by closing curtains or pulling blinds.”

“If we want to keep the windows open, we need to remember that if the air temperature outside is hotter than inside, then actually we’re bringing in warm air into the house.

Seek to stay cool at night-time

Met Éireann has warned that temperatures may stay uncomfortably warm over night during this forecast hot spell.